Many of my stories are about the search for balance among people, business and the natural world — from the Cook logging family that found a way to keep their old, tall pines and hemlocks in reserve when the rest of Pennsylvania’s forests were cut to the ground, to seafood buyers working to be environmentally responsible.

“Searching for the Ancients” for Pursuits magazine is about how the virgin stands of Cook Forest, Pa., survived centuries of logging:

“Growing Up” for Penn State’s AgScience magazine, is about the Penn State forestry alumni who manage Moshannon State Forest:

“Plastics at Sea” for Zoogoer Magazine, the publication of Friends of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, is about the pervasive, growing problem of plastic pollution and its effects on marine life:

For about 12 years, I wrote about environmental topics for SeaFood Business magazine, first as senior editor on staff and then as a freelancer. Here is a selection from my monthly column aimed at helping seafood buyers decipher the details of environmentally responsible seafood purchasing:
Ocean acidification’s effect on shellfish 1012_09GoingGreen
Money and politics in eco-certification 1103SFB_10GoingGreen
Phillips Seafood works to establish fishery management programs for blue swimming crab in the Philippines and Indonesia 2010Oct_GoingGreen
Making sense of certification programs for aquaculture sfb2010_01Jan_GoingGreen
Aquaculture Dialogues — talks among conservationists and industry — produce standards for tilapia sfb2010_02Feb_GoingGreen
Buy local trend in seafood is tougher than it sounds sfb2010_03March_GoingGreen
New England moves toward catch shares sfb2010_04April_GoingGreen
Mystery of Fraser River sockeye sparks firestorm sfb2010_05May_GoingGreen
California king salmon at mercy of water wars sfb2010_07July_GoingGreen
How to create a sustainable seafood policy sfbNov09_GoingGreen
Seafood buyers start to figure greenhouse gasses into purchasing equation 1009SFB_08GoingGreen

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