Searching for the Ancients (Pursuits_Ancients_duchene) is about how John Cook and his descendents preserved the old-growth, virgin forest found in Pennsylvania’s Cook Forest. It’s one of my favorite pieces, ever, since the heroes stuck by their conservation ethic in the face of intense commercial pressures, and it’s the “enchanted forest” of my childhood imagination that my parents visited during the short time they were together. Plus, it’s about trees — and I totally, completely dig trees.

My published magazine work includes stories about threats to the marine environment, most recently about damaging, prevalent plastic for Zoogoer, the magazine for Friends of the National Zoo (Duchene_marine_plastic).

In this selection of my marine environmental writing, (Marine Environmental Writing) you’ll find stories about how threats like ocean acidification, climate change, and destructive fishing practices affect seafood production.

I love to write business profiles and for eight years have written the business profiles featured as cover stories for IGC Retailer magazine.

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