Lisa Duchene is a business-environment writer and communications consultant in central Pennsylvania.

My Work

Digital and print magazine features about the science and business of sustaining natural resources:

Travel feature stories about adventures in exceptional natural places:

Communications services include:

  • Developing and executing strategy across media.
  • Special publications, for example, “We Are… Growing” for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Coaching writers one-on-one and in small groups. I have taught newswriting and magazine writing at Penn State.
  • I lead communications for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Essays explore:

  • Finding grace in dark times.
  • Family: Father-daughter relationships, losing a parent, making family and surviving the breaking of families.
My Story

Duchene • of the oak • French

I come from a tough crowd.

My grandparents worked hard in a family greenhouse and floral shop, in steel mills and on the railroad. My grandmother grew up in the Pennsylvania mountains. Then she asked for a pair of combat boots and to serve as an Army nurse in World War II. My mom is a retired environmental scientist. She read great stories to me every night until I could devour them on my own. My dad was a jack-of-all-trades who could fix or sell anything.

No wonder I’m a free spirit. An independent writer. A plant and marine science geek. A scrappy DIYer.

As a kid, I climbed the sour cherry tree in our yard, settling in its crook to hide and read. I looked under the rocks along Tinker Creek to see what was there. I have always been in love with language and learning about nature.

Drawn to the Maine Coast

The Maine Coast satisfied my craving to live in a place defined by nature and distinct from the Midwest suburb where I grew up. The suburbs were lovely, but felt sanitized, flat and claustrophic. As a reporter assigned to the fisheries beat, I learned to research and write about the marine environment and people who make a living from the sea.

But in Maine I couldn’t make a family of my own. I don’t know why.

Settling into the Man Cave

Here in a small, Pennsylvania town, I finally found home and family with three rugged outdoorsmen, my wonderful husband and two stepsons. Thanks to them, I get to experience being a stepmom and tell little, funny stories about learning to live in the Man Cave. I’ll share them here.

Enjoy your visit. Hopefully, something made you smile or lifted your spirits.

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